lundi 28 juin 2010

For Erin

De retour de France, je vous en raconterai plus quand j'aurai mis de l'ordre dans mes centaines de photos.
En attendant, place à la création d'un collier pour Erin. In english please.

Erin is going to a wedding.

She could use something to match her beautiful red dress that she might wear with a black cardigan and black shoes (though finding shoes would be a whole other quest).

I felt in the mood to create a necklace... and a matching bracelet.

I wanted to keep it simple yet beautiful and dressy.

This is what I made :
cotton & brass necklace
ribbon-crimp, clasp and red bead
from La Droguerie (Paris)
brass chain from Abacus Beads

leaf bracelet
brass leaf from La Droguerie (Paris)
chain from Abacus Beads

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