mercredi 31 août 2011


Finally some pictures of the pants I made for Frances,
a whiiiile ago.
Ok so I took a close up of the pants,
but for some obscure reason it does not want to be uploaded on this blog.

So here,
it's the perfect shape for a baby, you know, to fit diapers and all.

don't they look so relaxed ?

vendredi 12 août 2011

Couch: before/after


There is an incredibly comfortable couch.
It's extra-firm but also mega-brown.

Some would say "it's nice, it's chocolate brown"
Yeah, well guess what else is really close to this colour? Hm?
Even in the evening sunset...I wanted a different effect.


is that all we got?



...On the other side of black and fuchsia pink I sew some liberty fabrics.

Mauvey Grey/Chocolate
to match the black side.

January Paisley Sepia
to match the fuchsia.


And the simple coloured face are for
when we need a break from flower prints.
Dale loves them...for now.

mercredi 10 août 2011

For Christophe

Going to Christophe's birthday party, I wanted to make him something homemade.
With liberty fabric.
I thought of 2 pillow cases, one in his colours (he's an "autumn") and one in Fitz'colors (he's a "winter").

Ok I know, there's a lot of pink but hopefully, in the dim light of a bedroom it won't be too too flashy.... ?

PS: I finished ironing them literally 10 minutes before leaving for the most amazing birthday party ever!!!!
There was a band, Magic Arrows, with Rhoneil singing on a flat rock above a camp fire, all this in paradise garden...with friends...under the stars...