samedi 15 octobre 2011

Hope, determination and respect

It was a very fine day, Erin, It was a very fine day.

vendredi 14 octobre 2011

vendredi 7 octobre 2011

my hero

Working as a clerk in a natural health product store, I try to help people find the right remedy.
It is more often than not an herbal formula.

I hear a lot of non-science around me. Not that I would have anything to say against the power of the placebo effect for example.

But there's a lot of different beliefs out there...let me tell you!

I do believe the mind has tremendous convincing & healing abilities.

I do not believe everything I hear just because "a study" said so...or do I?

This british doctor's speech swept me off my feet:

By the way, do you know a cookbook that would teach kids how to cook healthy food?

manicure (a girly post)

Some might call it vanity, I don't care.

I think painting nails is fun and I love doing manicures and pedicures for my friends.

Here's my favourite nail polish of the moment:
Royal Blue by Sula

It's water based and as the name suggests, you peel it off !
Even after applying a top coat I was able to remove it.
The down side of it is that you have to avoid using warm water for 4 hours after applying it...

Whatever, I like not having to use nail polish remover.
It's a royal blue colour, and it's paraben free, phthalate free and also free of petroleum product.
Sounds right to me...

I found it in Vancouver, at Front & Co. on Main St.

mercredi 5 octobre 2011


Sooo, a good friend of mine is getting married next summer and of course I volunteered to fill up her mail box with as many wedding related links as I could.

That's how I found another one, via the blog Seesaw, and the wedding dress designer totally blew me away!!!

Aargh!! I just want to marry Dale AGAIN!

Mimi, what do you think?

mardi 4 octobre 2011

the last movie I liked (a lot)

Stranger Than Fiction

Will Ferrell and his toothbrush
(click on picture for the trailer)