mardi 26 mars 2013

some renovations are happening INSIDE

We started to renovate inside our room.
Dale did a lot of work on the structure & the insulation of our house, but I have to say that the type of renovations I was really excited about was this one!

It was briefly a dining room when we moved in,
then a storage room...sort of.

It will be Dale's home office and our book reading/movie visioning space too.

I got a lot of help from a friend to prime it. Twice.
Not because we like the redundancy, but we wanted a vapour barrier paint.
Oooh, it doesn't exist you say? You only carry vapour barrier primer?

The room is almost ready now but I'll post the more recent pictures later.

Here is a peak at the amazing desk designed & built by Dale:

dimanche 24 mars 2013

Fashion photography

Last month I took picture for Tracy's clothing design brand,

I already knew the beautiful model Natalie Mucha
and the 3 of us had worked on Dear Pony S/S collection of last year
so it was great to work in a familiar setting like this.

You can view her designs on her website or her etsy shop.

Here are a few pictures of Tracy's newest work,
(her you go, mum)

you just want to wear everything,

right now,

put a few more logs in the wood stove,

or wear a warm coat if you must go out.

 And I want this belt, in black!

Nonetheless, I rushed a bit and set my camera on a ISO that was a bit too high.
I wanted to work with natural light even though it was a grey cloudy day.
So as a result I find that I lost some sharpness in the pictures.

I used my Nikon D200, with a 24-70mm f/2.8 EX Sigma lens.

vendredi 22 mars 2013

More photography

This winter I had a lot of fun with my camera.

Mostly because when my friend Kalika decided to interview artists
who live here in the Kootenays,
she asked me to take pictures.

I posted about our first adventure here.

I said "let's do it!"

Above are some taken at Andrea DenElzen, the talented artist
See Kalika's full article and more pictures here.

Then there was Tracy of Dear Pony.

See the full article here.

I LOVE how she handwrites her interviews on a leather bound notepad.

And the last one was about Lara Blackman of Small Town Frocks.
(Full interview by Kalika here).

I feel very grateful to have been invited to their studios.
I always felt more curious, inspired and I was also gaining precious experience as a photographer.

mercredi 20 mars 2013

Things that kept me busy since january

WHy didn't I write since january?
Well...I needed time to rest after the Holidays.
I felt like sleeping in on EVERY day off that I had. We're talking 9 to 10 hours per night.

And then I eventually felt rested enough.
It was time to be with friends. Eating, talking, running or skiing depending on how much snow we got.

The winter went by so fast (for me) and I attribute it to the amount of fun I had. I am forever thankful for my friend who insisted that I try cross-country skiing because I did and it was always extremely rewarding, night or day time.

One of my fun winter projects was actualy for my workplace, it consisted in making triangle garlands.

I felt very lucky to get to play in my studio on my days off, and to see my work decorating my workplace afterwards.
Hopefully the sturdy quilting cotton used will allow them to decorate many events along the years!

lundi 18 mars 2013

Perhaps it's time to get back into blogging.
Forgive me for this long absence.
It was only a sign of a life full of (awesome) things to do!

To start with some sound, here is the latest foreign music that made my ears curious. It's from the soundtrack of an Indian movie, Gangs Of Wasseypur II.

 "Kaala Rey", by Sneha Khanwalkar