jeudi 28 juillet 2011

After trying 3 different sizes, I finally found the right one for those tiny feet.

It's a 3 months plus some give in width
to make her chubby little ankles comfy.

aren't they cute?
with their vintage buttons found in Montana!

dimanche 24 juillet 2011

More about Missoula, MT.

I forgot to mention that one one the sweetest things about the little bubbling town of Missoula (Montana trip) is that there are many markets being held there on weekends.

We saw 2 of them on our way back to Canada.

So here are some more pictures from the marketS in Missoula.

samedi 23 juillet 2011

Neighbourly garden

We leave next door to our friends Kalika, Bradley & Frances Pepper.
Actually, there is 1 house in between us. Norm leaves in that house, and is a super dupper neighbour. Very witty and generous too.

He gave us a bed on his lot to plant whatever veggies we'd like, and Kalika and I started some seeds there last June.
Isn't it sweet?

I think this picture was taken with tiny Frankie
(tucked in the wrap)
being 2 months old.

Now the garden has finally received some sun and it's looking very promising!

Can't wait to eat our home grown carrots!

mercredi 20 juillet 2011

3 days in Montana

How exciting!
Joanne, Kalika, her little Frances Pepper and I went on a girl road trip to the U.S.

Ok, first of all, the youngest of us was not even 3 months old
and she was so mellow and happy about the whole thing.
Here is Frances Pepper on a (flying) blanket.

The destination:
Helena, Montana.

The excuse:

The "Bray" is a ceramic institute that offers residencies
to artists for up to 2 years.

It's settled on an old brick factory.

which in this case means brick walls
and lots of nooks to hide pottery.
I felt like in a open air treasure chest.

There were conferences, exhibits and demos
with tons of ceramics artists and more or less traditional potters.
(above pic: Josh DeWeese who was the Archie Bray director for 14 years)

one of the brick (!) buildings
with a very diverse exhibit inside...

Jana Evans
artist resident 2011

We stopped in Missoula on our way,

I loved everything I saw
the brick (!) houses,
the atmosphere of a town mixing
stillness of things and a certain "bubbling" of people.

this horse sculpture is actually made out of ceramic.
I wish I had more infos.

this blew my mind quite a bit.

brick factory?
I LOVE bricks.

jeudi 14 juillet 2011

come back

Hi there,

after 5 months depending on our neighbor's Wi-Fi signal, Dale and I decided to get our own modem.

So it's great to be back. Great to be able to post on my blog, to podcast my favorite radio shows from France.

But during these past few months, we were convincing ourselves...
...ooh the enjoyement to have our lives back!
(Not being glued to the internet for so long might even have cured our addiction to silly videos and crafty blogs.
Ahem, time will tell.)

...oooh the time allowed to actually geting things done!

One of the things that got done in may 2011:

a change table for Frances Pepper (and her mum & dad)
made by the talented Dale C.

turns out it is one of Frances' favorite place to hang out

Another thing achieved by the woodworking hubby:

the new meditation table
for the Shambhala Center.
Beautiful isn't it?