mardi 28 février 2012


I thought spring was so close.
Birds were chirping.
Little white flowers and tulip leaves were out.
Temperatures got just above 5 Celsius.

And then snow fell like it never did before! More than 20 cm overnight, it was gorgeous, tree looked all of a sudden like fluffy cherry blossom in full bloom...aaah...and it got cold.

This weather is the best excuse to wear all kind of warm accessories, and knit some more!
I love knitting small project, so I find knitting for my friend's baby so rewarding.

Here are the baby leg warmers that I knitted for little Frances

it's my own pattern but I should post a tutorial for it,
Baby Llama by Elsebeth Lavold yarn Antique Rose knitted in #5

They keep her warm on her snowy adventures...until spring comes for real!

mercredi 15 février 2012

Before & After

When I make earrings, I usualy try out a new design for a few days before I'm satisfied with the final product.

But sometimes I finish a pair way to fast.

For example if I have a gift to make, I think I got the design in my head and I'm convinced that I can put it together in one hour, just before offering it to a friend!
I know, right?

Yeah right.

So thank goodness, last time it happened, my friend very gently told me that she would prefer her new earrings if I altered the design a little bit. 

So here's a "Before & After" (aka : "how to fix something with common sense that can sometime be lacking in a rushed situation").


they were previously posted here


Isn't this better?
I think it will be easier to wear.

jeudi 2 février 2012

Superb book

Hello my name is Julia and I am a Liberty fabric nerd.

My friends know it and got me a great gift:

The Liberty Book
Of Home Sewing

 It has...

more than 25 sewing projects inside
sewing instructions
great pictures
a brief history of the brand (or how Arthur Lasenby Liberty was a visionary man)
a glossary of most of the fabrics created since 19th century
Irresistible, amazing & precious book !

The only issue with it is that I don't know where to start
since I want to create every time I've seen in the book.

Oh, thank you again you little angels in my life!

It's written by Lucinda Ganderton
and edited by Chronicle Books

You can buy it here on the Chronicle Books website

mercredi 1 février 2012

new collection

Working hard lately to build up a good stock of earrings in order to sale them on my future etsy shop!

It's good that the weather outside is all grey and damp.
It makes it easier on my days off to be creative in the studio rather than playing outside!

It also makes it difficult to get decent daylight to photograph the new collection!
But here is what I got so far.

Soon you will see them worn by my friends and ear models, so stay tuned.