samedi 25 août 2012

camping and other adventures

lots of camping packed in 1 week

 on highway #3

 with a sneaky squirrel

on the sunshine coast
aka most pristine & private rain forest campsite ever
For all of you BC folks it might be average,
but for the French woman I am,
it was outstandingly amazing.
I felt like in the jungle.

 jungle vegetation

All that discovered thanks to our friends getting married in Sargeant Bay Provincial Park.

The love was shared by their friends and family,
in such a genuine way,
it made our hearts sing for days.

Bridesmaids toes

Kid playing with rose petals

After the ceremony

And we're going to another wedding in september!

mardi 21 août 2012

Summer pictures

Time to put up a few pictures, for you who ask
"How is your summer going? "
Here is how it's going:
 best staff party to date

So far, 2 markets out of 3 selling Warm Warm Designs

 And then, the love spreading summer madness

...with wedding #1

rolling up

pretty hair

red nails

And pictures that speak for themselves:

The Bride's Shoes!!

 The Shoe's Thief!!

Stay tuned for wedding #2 pictures to come...

vendredi 3 août 2012

work in progress

How can it be August yet, how?

Well here is to July which was the month for finalizing odds and ends.

Market fest accessory
(aka: custom made fanny pack for Myriam)

 Workbench for Dale

 Myriam's wedding details

 New designs for the market

And some renos are even started on the house!

Beach time:
Dale - 0
Julia - 2