mardi 10 janvier 2012

Special Gift

I love having an occasion to work on a special design.
An occasion like a Christmas gift for my friend.

She very stylish, and lives life with a big open heart and a large amount of glamour.
She also wears black satiny clothes, Ginger Rodgers style,
and retro flower patterns like no one else.

And she's a winter,
so it means silver (rather than gold or bronze)

 This one will evolve into a new design,
soon to be develop in different colours.

Vintage black cuff buttons
(you can notice the attachment piece in the back)
and mother of pearl buttons, all from an antique seller back in France.
Silver steel support and mini-cameo from La Droguerie.


dimanche 8 janvier 2012

Warm Warm designs: it's official!

I've been making earrings with liberty fabric for a long time now.

I've always been inspired by things with liberty fabrics made by bloggers and talented crafters such as Une Poule A Petit Pas, Brin de Folie and K'Shambles.

Pushed by very supportive friends and family, I finally got the courage to show them to a professional who believed in my craft. Lucky me!

Now I sell earrings, bracelets and pendants through a lovely boutique downtown Nelson, that is named after its owner Tara Davis.

Tara focuses on crafts "made with love in Canada". Whether it's knitted adornments, jewellery, felted owls or hand poured candles from recycled wax...her store has an amazing selection of beautiful treasures.

Now a second store is about to open in Winnipeg and some of my craft will be sold there as well. It's only 1733 km away from here!

So this was part of my last delivery to Tara Davis,
based on multiple feedback she was able to give me,
I made some larger pieces, we'll see how it goes.

I have other designs that I need to work on...

lundi 2 janvier 2012

Dale's latest

For Xmas, I got spoiled with a sweet lamp from the Craft Connection in Nelson.

And then Dale made a special little square shelf for it.
And then (!) he felt inspired to make a new bed stand...but a free standing one with a funky shape!

I love it!
It's made out of a recycled bamboo counter top.
And I don't want to put any mess on it, ever.

Who else got a handmade little treasure?