mercredi 20 juillet 2011

3 days in Montana

How exciting!
Joanne, Kalika, her little Frances Pepper and I went on a girl road trip to the U.S.

Ok, first of all, the youngest of us was not even 3 months old
and she was so mellow and happy about the whole thing.
Here is Frances Pepper on a (flying) blanket.

The destination:
Helena, Montana.

The excuse:

The "Bray" is a ceramic institute that offers residencies
to artists for up to 2 years.

It's settled on an old brick factory.

which in this case means brick walls
and lots of nooks to hide pottery.
I felt like in a open air treasure chest.

There were conferences, exhibits and demos
with tons of ceramics artists and more or less traditional potters.
(above pic: Josh DeWeese who was the Archie Bray director for 14 years)

one of the brick (!) buildings
with a very diverse exhibit inside...

Jana Evans
artist resident 2011

We stopped in Missoula on our way,

I loved everything I saw
the brick (!) houses,
the atmosphere of a town mixing
stillness of things and a certain "bubbling" of people.

this horse sculpture is actually made out of ceramic.
I wish I had more infos.

this blew my mind quite a bit.

brick factory?
I LOVE bricks.

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