vendredi 22 mars 2013

More photography

This winter I had a lot of fun with my camera.

Mostly because when my friend Kalika decided to interview artists
who live here in the Kootenays,
she asked me to take pictures.

I posted about our first adventure here.

I said "let's do it!"

Above are some taken at Andrea DenElzen, the talented artist
See Kalika's full article and more pictures here.

Then there was Tracy of Dear Pony.

See the full article here.

I LOVE how she handwrites her interviews on a leather bound notepad.

And the last one was about Lara Blackman of Small Town Frocks.
(Full interview by Kalika here).

I feel very grateful to have been invited to their studios.
I always felt more curious, inspired and I was also gaining precious experience as a photographer.

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