jeudi 5 septembre 2013

Backyard dinner

Take 2 friends who are excited about food and other things aesthetically pleasing,

Let them live next door to eachother for a while so that they can share ideas
about food all the time,

wait until it's summer,

and you have the right conditions to organize a fabulous Backyard Dinner!

That's how Kalika and made it happen, with the help of the talented Marnie for
the beautiful invitations & menu:

I wanted to make so many things, Kalika too, she helped me organize it all so that it would look like this:

For the roasted red veggies tartines,
Kalika made the Sourdough bread and I used her recipe.

Then I made aubergines Tatins

(aka : upside-down pie)
 with puff pastry made from scratch, please.
Inspired by my Mum's melting eggplant recipe.

(it was my first time making this pastry dough and I have to say it was amazing)

It puffed!

then there was the dolce vita savory cheese cakes!!!
with tapenade!!!

then toped with golden zucchini slices.

We served all appetizers on one board, in small portions so that guest would feel good about it all.

Then I ran out of time to take pictures of everything
but here are a few more, including the strawberry tart
made by Kalika and served with her homemade cookies.

Salmon Wreath
(recipe from my Mum)

Dessert anyone?

I might post recipes in details in upcoming articles,
stay posted.

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