vendredi 26 octobre 2012

The grass is always greener...

when you live in a small town!

I think we have everything we need here and yet
I sometimes wish there would be more choice
in terms of places to go, art exhibits and expressed creativity in general.
(I spent the first 27 years of my life in Paris so that probably doesn't help)

So whenever a creative person opens a little gem of a business,
I get pretty excited.

Such is my feeling when I go to the new flower shop named Bellaflora.

Her owner Kyla is sweet and talented.
I love her incredible eye for flower arrangements and decoration.

She taught a moss string plant workshop a few weeks ago.

My friend Myriam, my mum and I went there to learn...the ropes (that's right!)
about making these hung little planet looking plants.

 All you need is a potted plant, some thick moss and a solid string.

Kyla taught us a lot of things that evening:

  • Plant care and their different needs (it can works for a succulent plant, an orchid, a begonia...etc)
  • Technique of square not / macramé
  • Technique of moss and plant arranging to make it look round and pretty.
  • how to make the best chutney ever to serve with her platers of cheese and fruits.

This is why I loved it so much:
  • I admire my plants everyday!
  • All of us had so much fun watching our creations!
  • They are baby proof!
  • I want to make more with my friends!
  • I now want more green in our house!

These pots are NOT baby proof but they will host some basil that I'm going to try to keep over winter...
...wish me luck.

the shop is situated
at 621B Herridge Lane
in Nelson B.C.

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