mardi 11 septembre 2012

more photography!

I want to make more room in my life for photography.
I want to become better at it too.
The experience I gain from carrying my camera with me as much as I can is precious
It's even better when there is an actual occasion to take pictures. Such as a photo shoot for my workplace or for friends who need images of their artefacts or family events.

A friend asked me what was my favourite thing to photograph.
I have two.
One is still photography because I can manipulate the subject easily.

The other is portrait, more challenging but also more rewarding.

I think that these two preferences match my inclinations in life.
I love being on my own in a quiet still place, observing details.

I love scrutinizing people's expressions and seeing beauty in everyone.

I've been busy editing and I'm planning photo shoots in the next 2 weeks.

I'm pilling up work for this fall.
I don't feel overwhelmed yet,
just joyfully busy.

I hope yoga and meditation will help
my body to be responsive and my mind to stay present.
I'm surrounded by people willing to help me with both practices
and I feel very grateful for this.

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