lundi 5 mars 2012

House Work

We are getting ready to have more proper insulation in our house. We are trying to do it by the end of march, so that we can qualify for the provincial and federal grants for Energy Retrofit.

Anyway, after successfully insulating our attic ourselves, we thought it would be feasible to insulate our exterior walls...
...well it was not.

We sure got the machine blowing cellulose everywhere in the garden and we played a lot with the pipes that got jammed so many times. times.

So long story short, we are hiring a company of PROFESSIONALS to come and insulate these walls that are totally empty of any kind of insulation.

Anyone in there?

Well, at least that what we thought. But here is what we found in the wall of our "office & craft room":

Newspapers in perfect condition
dated from 1928!

We thought our house was from the 30's and this little discovery confirmed it. I find it quite precious to have these and so we are keeping some of it. Also, believe it or not, that room is the only one that feels super warm, just with 4 layers of newspaper!

I didn't know it would make such big difference.

Since then, all the holes have been plugged back, because the insulating company wants smaller holes & higher in the walls. Dale did that and we are READY. I am so thankful to live with such a skilled man!

Stay tuned for more update on a 1928 home renovations...

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