mercredi 2 novembre 2011

knitting for Frances

My friend's baby is getting bigger each day and the temperatures are getting lower...

I finished this sweater a few weeks ago.

free pattern found on Ravelry
it's the Yoda sweater from Lion's brand

I think I need a better technique for sewing the sleeves together though,
it wasn't stretchy enough.
But I think she enjoyed it!

Not only this old dusty pink looks great on her,
but the little liberty ties are chewable!

PS: I modified the bottom edges
by adding some p2,k2 for first 4 rows on sleeves
(and 6 rows for body).
Yarn = Baby Llama
2 skeins 1/3
in antique rose #22

PPS: do you know a sewing technique for assembling sleeves to body
and keeping it stretchy?

1 commentaire:

  1. Pfff je comprends pas tout mais une chose est sure : ton tricot est sublime! Bravo!!
    Alors a quand votre venue en France, sinon yen a une qui va devoir attendre pour sa photo de faire part ;-)