dimanche 6 novembre 2011

au boulot!

It's time to get a whole bunch of stuff done for the next holiday season to come!
It's a bit challenging to stay organized,
Especially when there's so much going on at work and at home!

But I try...
well...sort of.

I loved these against daylight.

My inspiration for this dozen was Autumn.
Not really the season per say, but more the colours that match an "autumn" type of person.
Around here we are really into season colours, thanks to my friend Hazel.

One of my co-workers is "an autumn"
I wanted to make a pair for her,
so lots of bronze, copper, mustard yellow, teal...and tomato red
to pick from in the shape she likes.

More to come, also in silver for spring and winter people!

1 commentaire:

  1. Juju,Tu me manques!!! I can't wait to see all the treasures you'll be bringing back and to hear all about the amazing adventures the three of you had!
    <3 Bisou! Mimi