jeudi 7 octobre 2010


Last week on our photography ritual we went to Apex, a cross country ski area just outside of Nelson.
I wished I would have been there 1 hour earlier, just to catch more contrast between sunny moutains and foggy valleys.
Oh well.

Since I don't go there in the winter season, a ladder under a tree seems very random to me whereas it might have a logic purpose for cross country skiers...
Who knows?

I hope you like a good old glare on the picture...
...because I do!

And completely unrelated to the fog of that morning, here are a few portraits taken downtown. I find it SO hard to take candid pictures of people, it is easier when you know the person. I was lucky enough to meet Ben, a coworker/friend of mine, on the day he was leaving for his hometown.
If that's not the look of a free man, then what is it?
Take care Ben, and enjoy what life has for you there.

And here's one of the cuttest couple of Nelson. After I took the picture, the woman waved at me with a big smile. I wish I knew their names.

Is it completely silly to be moved by old couple and especially by the fact that they are still holding hands after all these years?

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  1. I love it when I see old couples holding hands! I hope Ry still wants to hold my hand when we are old and wrinkly.