dimanche 8 septembre 2013

Sumac, goat cheese and other dairy bliss

A few weeks ago, I was thinking about appetizers
to make for a catering gig.

How about some goat cheese marbles?
with some kind of flavourful surprise inside
and looking cute too.

Ok so let's try this at home first, it would go well with figs, nuts...maybe some fresh herbs...

First I re-hydrated some dry figs in a jar with water, red and white balsamic vinegar, added some dried basil.

1 to 2 days later, I got everything ready to make the goat cheese balls.

I crushed some walnuts,

I crumbled some goat cheese into 10g portions.

I cut the figs into pieces
(I also tried it with re-hydrated raisins, but the figs-marbles were better)

Then I put a small piece of fig into a portion of cheese and rolled it
until it would form a nice & innocent looking marble.

Then I would fill 2 bowls
one with:
crushed nuts + nettles + salt & pepper
green mix

Another one with:
crushed nuts + sumac + beet powder
red mix

I rolled half of the marbles in the green mix, the other half in the red mix
Planted some toothpicks in it...


You guys! I'm so going to replicate the recipe with chèvre made from scratch since I've been to an amazing CHEESE MAKING WORKSHOP !!

The other blissful moment of my summer 
involving dairy
was eating making cheese cake.

It all started with the savoury cheese cake recipe that called for agar-agar.
With that one being so yummy,
I was only one step away from making its sweet counterpart.

Crust = gluten free graham crumbs + butter + almond meal for the crust.

Cheese cake mix = cream cheese + yogurt (in which a pinch of agar-agar is dissolved, then bring to a boil for 30") + fair trade 55% chocolate, melted

No added sugar! Cause the chocolate adds enough sweetness for our taste.

Let it set for 2 to 3 hours in the fridge.

Serve topped with wild strawberries from the garden
(love the tangy/ sweet contrast in flavour)


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