vendredi 16 septembre 2011


This year I've tried one brand new thing:

Joining a community garden!

With 20 or so other people,
including my neighbour and friend Kalika,
we all had some crops on a piece of land 15 minutes out of town.

On a beautiful farm belonging to charming people, Audrey & Marvin.

I did tomatoes, peppers, and some basil.
Well all my pepper plants died cause I put them out too soon.
But the tomatoes survived and they're just starting to ripen now.

Even better if put by the know, warm nights etc.

So I'm hoping the others members
of the community garden will appreciate them
as much as I enjoy their crops of
beans, lettuce, onion, garlic (which was so much fun to braid) ...and SQUASH !

All kinds of squash.
Here are some yellow crookneck ones.

I can't wait to harvest some of the bigger carving pumpkin too,
they're huge.

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