lundi 16 mai 2011

vite fait les photos de l'expo!

A quick look at the pictures taken during our exhibit held at the Kootenay School of the Arts.
These are my pieces:

some hand thrown mugs and a vase.
All oxydation firings, cone 6.

Here a couple of bowls gas fired (reduction firing)

some mugs that I hand painted with underglaze, which is
close to using real acrylic paint,
then dipping into clear glaze and fired at cone 6.
I got the inspiration from a book about Art Nouveau tiles.
(thanks Tracy for all the inspirations!)

Here's a mix of oxydation and reduction pieces.
Yes, that is supposed to be a little bathtub with an orange
towell on it. Why?

the only lidded vessel that I was happy about, despite my 2 teapots...

One of my favorite teapot. hand thrown handle (imagine a hollow tire)
all pieces in set were gas fired.
Hence the variations in colors that you can see where there was not enough oxygen.
Love it!

I do want to thank a few other people beside Tracy:
Lisa for all her firing energy and support,
Erin for her artistic attitude (dude!) and unique approach,
Anita for her studio wisdom and chaperonning,
Kristen for her kindness and her generous technical sharing,

it was great to make it through this 1st year by your sides.

That's it for now!

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  1. beautiful Julia! I especially like the hand painted mugs.